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Product Description

Spice up your Hari Raya with our new beautiful Rempah Ratus collection today!

Once being the most desired elements by many, our local spices has always been a high value item within the silk road circles. Some may even considered them as more precious than gold, and has played an important part in shaping our culture today. 

Inspired by these events, our new collection, Rempah Ratus was designed to show the beauty of our local spices that have been use by generations, such as bunga lawang, cengkih, jintan and many more,all in 5 beautiful colours in both shawl and bawal design. 

Product Description

Material: Premium Cotton Voile

Label: Woven label tag

Shape: Shawl

Measurement: 1.9m x 0.7m

Box : Exclusive Rempah box (while stocks last)

Stitching : Baby Hem