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Tr Feline Collection - SCOTTISH LILAC

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Product Description

"Meow~!", just one sound, one melody..but already filled with love & life at the first struck of its symphony. With just one word from this little beast, enough to catch the attention of every eyes that see. 🐱

Influenced by these friendfly furball's antics, together with Johanandhiscats, our new collection, Feline was created to give you an all eye 'cat-ching' experience with our cat-inspired design, all in 6 beautiful colours, wrapped in super-cute Feline box !😻

A Purr-fect gift for you and your bestfriend ! 

Material: Premium Cotton Voile

Size : 46" × 46" approx

Packaging : Feline box (while stocks last)

Stitching : Baby Hem

Type : Tudung Bawal